Designs and Alterations Have Been Our Lifelong Passion

Every woman has her own style. And the right dress enhances that style, right down to the last detail. My's Bridalterations is about creating the perfect look for you, in a fun, stress-free environment.

Who We Are...

At My’s, we take the stress out of finding the perfect wedding gown. We work from our inspiring, 1500-square foot studio in a quiet residential area. When you visit for the first time, we'll make you comfortable so you can express your exact hopes for your look. From altering a new wedding gown to small, general alterations, we'll work with your vision.

Have your own design in mind? We’re happy to design and create the look you want. No matter what your needs, our expert seamstresses will make the process simple.

At My’s, our mission: is simple: to deliver alterations of expert quality down to the smallest stitch. Not only is our attention to detail second to none, it also comes with top notch customer services.

Are you working to lose or gain weight before the big day? Is your day fast approaching? No matter what your needs, our team will work with you in our creative, low-stress environment to serve you.

At My's, we stake our reputation on every alteration!


My’s Bridalterations was created in 2014 by My Pham and Johnny Nguyen. This talented, husband-and-wife team shares a passion for outstanding design and superb service.

Since then, My has thrilled countless clients. With her talent for the perfect designs and alterations. Our clients depend on My to create the perfect look for the most special occasions of their lives.

How did it all begin? It goes back to childhood, where My and Johnny developed their passion for fashion and design!

My Pham

My’s passion for design perfection began in Vietnam during childhood. As a little girl, My spent as much time as she could helping with her mother’s seamstress business.

My grew up watching her mother’s love for design and alterations. With every magical stitch, My fell more in love not only with how a simple needle and thread could transform the look and feel of a dress, but also how the perfect fit uplifted a woman's spirits and self-confidence.

As a member of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals, My's design expertise and nimble fingers create and alter ensembles for every occasion.

Co-Founder & VP

My's Bridalterations, LLC.

Here's to bringing your vision to life!

In My's own words:

"My story starts in Tra-Vinh, Vietnam, where I watched my mother working as a seamstress in her own two shops--a bridal store and an alterations store. Naturally, I loved to watch her and play with the tools of her trade, all while absorbing her knowledge and professionalism. 

By the age of 12, I was madly in love. Not with a glamorous rock star or a handsome Hollywood actor, but with the art and craft of sewing! As a member of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP), my nimble fingers have worked to help my customers' visions come to life."

Johnny Nguyen

Like My, Johnny also grew up in the world of design and fashion. Johhny's entrepreneurial mother was a fashion designer with two bridal stores.

Johnny forged an impressive career in Information Technology. He graduated from Northern Virginia Community College with dual associate degrees. Johnny obtained an A.S in Information Technology and A.S in Business Management. He went got his first job at Intelligent Decisions in 2000. For the past seventeen years, Johnny has continued training in technology, business and sales.

In 2014 he sowed the seeds of destiny, suggesting he and his talented wife combine skills. The result? The best bridal alterations shop in the industry was born!

Founder & CEO

My's Bridalterations, LLC.


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