We are about creating the perfect look for you, in a fun, and stress-free environment.


Designs and Alterations Have Been Our Lifelong Passion!

Every woman has her own style. And the right dress enhances that style, right down to the last detail.

We are about creating the perfect look for you, in a fun, and stress-free environment.

Creating The Perfect Look For You in Our Exquisite Designer Suites!

My's Bridalterations is a leading Bespoke Designs and Custom Alterations service provider, located in Manassas, Virginia. We take pride in our award-winning services and our ability to bring the design vision of our valued customers to life.


As a skilled and talented team, we have worked endlessly to build our esteemed reputation and high-quality services for all women looking for beautiful dress design. Having built our business with passion, love, and a real sense of culture, we create a supportive environment in which our brides and beautiful women feel at ease and feel valued. Our emphasis is on stress-free services delivered in our professional studio.

You will recognize the My’s signature dress design quality from the moment you view our stunning storefront. As you enter the My’s suite, you will receive our attentive customer assistance and courteous service.

Our goal and mission to work tirelessly until the very last stitch in an effort to realize the dress dreams of our clients. With our creative approach and absolute courteousness, we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations with every design and alteration.

We are not happy until our customers 100% satisfied!


Virginia’s Most Trusted Seamstress Studio Is at Your Disposal!

My's Bridalterations consists of a passionate team of bridal seamstresses, dress designers, and founding fashion specialists. Having opened our first storefront in 2019, it is the powerful combination and business savvy of fashion designers, Johnny & My Pham, that have contributed to the continued growth of the business. Before the store opened, My's was operating from their home base. As they expanded, a 1000 sq. Ft space, Johnny rebuilt everything by hand in a mere two months.

Virginia’s Most Trusted Seamstress Studio -- My's Bridalterations 2019

The Year 2019

He managed to create the luxurious couture business space he always desired. Johnny put his skill and time into the creation of the business that always puts its customers first. It was through the hard work, commitment, and genuine passion of Johnny & My that helped them realize their dream of opening My’s Bridalterations. From Johnny & My working together to develop the storefront to tailoring and designing your dress, the same commitment, love, and passion goes into every look of bridal and dress perfection.

Virginia’s Most Trusted Seamstress Studio -- My's Bridalterations 2017

The Year 2017

It was 2017 that marked the expansion of My’s. As the store had run out of space, again, Johnny took on the primary task of additional expansion. This involved the transformation of his 1500 sq. ft. Unfinished home into a spacious bridal alterations shop. As Johnny possessed ten years’ experience in woodwork and engineering, he completed his home basement into a stunning shop in a mere eight months.

Virginia’s Most Trusted Seamstress Studio -- My's Bridalterations 2015

The Year 2015

It was 2015 that marked the launch of the Bridal Alterations business.

Founder, Johnny Nguyen, turned his 400 sq. Ft home garage into a beautiful alteration shop. He made history as the first person to build a alteration shop from a home garage – no one has ever thought of and done it before! Johnny achieved his residential garage transformation in 6 months. The result was a beautiful shop, all undertaken by hand. From customers to family, everyone admired the new custom store.


Sharing a passion and a drive for fashion and addressing their customers’ needs, Johnny and My Pham became the proud founders of My's Bridalterations. They have gone on to build a legacy in beautiful bridal wear and custom design dresses. Having been raised in a fashion-conscious family, at a young age, both My and Johnny were fascinated by their mothers’ sewing skills. Johnny’s mother was a famous designer and professional seamstress. She also owned a bridal and alteration store. My’s mother also shared the incredible talents of a professional seamstress and owned a bridal shop in Vietnam.

Owners, Johnny Nguyen and My Pham

My's Love and Passion

When Johnny left school, he chose a career in Information Technology (IT) and graduated from Northern Virginia Community College with an Associate Degrees in Business Management and Information Technology. His first IT job and the only IT job at Intelligent Decisions started in 2000. He retired in 2017 as this was not his calling.

My was working with her mom as a seamstress at age 12, and in the year 2000, she left Vietnam to pursue her fashion skills in the US. My earned her Diploma in Sewing and dressmaking and her second diploma in Fashion Merchandising and Design, both at Stratford Career Institute. My is also a valued member of the Association of Sewing & Design Professionals (ASDP), where she learns, shares, and collaborates with many other expert designers and professionals internationally.

In the last 20 years, Johnny has never stopped learning and training in technology, fashion, and management. It was in 2015 that Johnny combined his skills and experiences with his talented and lovely wife, My, to open My’s Bridalterations, the most trusted bespoke designs and custom alterations shop in Manassas, Virginia!

Inside My's Bridalterations

Why Choose My's Bridalterations?!

My’s Bridalterations is the most trusted dress design and bridal alterations service in Manassas, Virginia. As an award-winning company, My's is built on the principles of quality, professionalism, value, and unique culture. Having earned their exceptional reputation, My’s is the only dress design and alterations business where skilled services and sheer talent transform your dress requirements into the most perfect and beautiful fit and finish.

Providing every customer, the love, and the care they deserve, we continue to establish ourselves as the best in the business. We are simply the number one choice among bridal alterations and dress design customers in Virginia!

My's Bridalterations, 7529 Presidential Ln., Manassas, VA 20109

My's Bridalterations, 7529 Presidential Ln., Manassas, VA 20109

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